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Voice recording is a delicate craft, a dance between technology and talent that captures the essence of the spoken word. At Canongate Studios, we’re masters of this dance, providing a superior voice recording service that resonates with clarity, authenticity, and impact.

Our state-of-the-art recording studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, is furnished with industry-leading equipment. Whether it’s for music, film, radio, podcasts, or audiobooks, our team of seasoned professionals ensures your voice is captured with the highest quality, preserving every subtle nuance.

But the equipment is just part of the story. At Canongate Studios, we understand that a great voice recording is also about the artist’s comfort and the atmosphere of the recording session. We create an environment that encourages creativity, helping artists deliver their best performances.

Our voice recording service is also distinguished by its collaborative nature. We work closely with artists, directors, and producers, offering guidance and support throughout the recording process to achieve the desired result.

Choose Canongate Studios for your voice recording needs. Experience the blend of technology, talent, and personal service that elevates us in the industry. Let us bring your voice to the world with the quality and attention it deserves.

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"The Jeremy Vine Show is the BBC’s biggest current affairs programme with over 7 million listeners. We broadcast live from Canongate Studios on the day of and the day after the Scottish independence referendum. These were shows of enormous importance as well as complexity but the facilities and support from Alistair were absolutely superb."

- Tim Collins

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